Zinc-coated for steel rims

Eco-friendly material

Zinc is absolutely safe for the environment. Plus to that, it might be used in any EU country. Both EU directives and the domestic law of EU Members accept using zinc counterweights. They can be used on wheels throughout the European Union.


The weights are made of materials resistant to various factors, like water, oil, as well as salt.

The perfect density and structure

These zinc weights are similar in size to lead ones. Not to mention the fact that they are less prone to corrosion than their steel counterparts. Also, they can be easily applied to the edge of the rim.

Esthetic design

Did you know that counterweights may look cool? While creating FiveStars, we paid special attention to their design. Choose the best-looking weights out there - look out for the ones with a star logo!

Quick and easy application

Designing these weights, we tried to make them as quick and easy to put on as possible. Carefully-designed shape, good materials mean easy application.


Modern production technology allows the weights characterized by a very low tolerance both in weight and distance of clip.

Made in Poland

The best European quality standards included. Quick delivery and strict quality requirements come in standard!

Sustainable packaging

FiveStars weights are packed in ecofriendly packages. Their dimensions are suitable to one universal box which is in turn suitable to standard EUR palette.